Makita DMR115B Multi-Volt CXT/LXT AC DAB Plus Bluetooth Jobsite Radio Black


Makita DMR115B Multi-Volt CXT/LXT AC DAB Plus Bluetooth Jobsite Radio Black

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Features and Benefits:

  • High-Quality sound woofer located on the bottom to provide deeper and richer bass sound
  • Midrange/treble speakers located on both sides to provide higher quality midrange/treble sounds
  • Capable of receiving DAB and DAB+ radio stations

Supplied With:

1 x Job Site Radio
1 x AC Adapter Jack

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The Makita Multi-Volt CXT/LXT AC DAB Plus Bluetooth Jobsite Radio DMR115 is ideal for trade professionals as well as DIY enthusiasts due to its versatility. This Jobsite radio can be powered by an AC adapter 12Vmax CXT batteries, 14.4V LXT batteries and 18V LXT batteries, making it extremely versatile for all trade professionals and DIYers that have some of the Makita range but also for people that have none as the AC adapter plugs straight into the mains. The AUX-in jack allows the user to connect external personal audio player such as MP3 players and phones to play the music through the radio. To ensure it is ideal for job sites and long-lasting it has elastomer bumpers giving it a level of durability and robustness that outclasses standard radios. It is IP65 rated dust and shower-proof for maximum life possible. This Jobsite radio is DAB and DAB+ compatible and the Bluetooth compatibility means you can wirelessly listen to music from your phone. For those real music fans, this radio has 6 selectable sound modes to suit different genres of music and to provide the best acoustical advantage, an LED colour change indicates the selected mode to reduce wasted time trying to figure out if the correct ode is selected. It also has a USB port allowing the user to charge mobile devices when on the Jobsite. The My Equaliser Mode, Multi-Amplifier System, Midrange treble speakers and High-Quality sound woofer ensures a deeper richer sound quality.

  • Technical Specification:

    Battery Included – No
    Type – Radios
    Voltages – 12VMax CXT, 14.4V LXT, 18V LXT, 240V AC
    Frequency Range FM – 87.5-108Hhz
    Frequency Range DAB/DAB+ – Band III 5A-13F
    Speakers – 2×63.5mm and 1 x 101.6mm
    Runtime with 12VMax 4.0Ah – 14Hrs
    Runtime with 14.4V 3.0Ah – 8Hrs
    Runtime with 18V 6.0Ah – 20Hrs