Leica Rugby 610 Alkaline Rechargeable Kit

Leica Rugby 610 Alkaline Rechargeable Kit

£647.00 £539.17 Ex VAT

Simple & reliable, one button laser

  • Range 500m diameter
  • IP67 waterproof & dustproof
  • Accuracy 0.7mm at 10m

Supplied with:

  • Rugby 610
  • Rod Eye 120 Receiver
  • Construction Tripod & Levelling Staff
  • Alkaline batteries & holder
  • Rechargeable batteries & charger
  • Hard Case & Leica Protect Warranty
  • Calibration Certificate
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Whether it is concrete pouring, form-work levelling, transferring or checking of heights, the Leica Rugby 610 Rotary Laser Level offers increased productivity combined with the ultimate ease of use. One button interface makes the operation of laser extremely easy and absolutely fool proof.

The Leica Rugby 610 Basic Rotating Laser is self-levelling horizontal and has superb performance with all Leica Rod Eye Receivers – extend you working range using the Rod Eye and Tripod that comes in this kit. Level, align and square much quicker than ever before, eliminating costly errors and downtime!