DeWalt D25303DH 18v Cordless Dust Extraction System (Body Only)

DeWalt D25303DH 18v Cordless Dust Extraction System (Body Only)

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Features and Benefits:

  • Completely cordless solution ensures this system can be used anywhere.
  • Prevents dust contamination in environments such as houses, offices and hospitals.
  • Enables drilling close to dust sensitive equipment.
  • Minimises job site clean-up.
  • Protects the operators eyes when drilling overhead.

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The DEWALT D25303DH Cordless Dust Extraction System is ideal for dust free drilling up to 16mm in diameter and is powered by an independent motor maintaining maximum hammer performance with no decrease in durability. The extractor continues to operate for two seconds after the hammer trigger is released to ensure any debris in the telescope or hose is completely removed. The high quality washable HEPA filter is capable of achieving 99.5% efficiency with dust particles as small as 0.3 microns. Maximum extraction is maintained at all times regardless of the hammer speed. It has a compact and low weight design that offers excellent comfort and near perfect balance. It also has a quick release for easy tool free assembly. Body Only Supplied without battery or charger.

Technical Specification:

Fits – DCH273, DCH274, DCH253(Type 2 Only) and DCH254 (Type 2 Only)
Max. Drill Bit Diameter – 16mm
Max. Drill Bit Length – 160mm
Max. Drilling Depth – 125mm
Weight – 1.4kg

Bare Unit Only, DCH273 NOT INCLUDED ALSO No Battery or Charger Supplied