Construction Workwear For All Builders

Having the right tools for the job is important. It’s all well and good turning up to the construction site with your power tools and toolbox, but if you don’t have the right protective workwear, you could be sent straight home. Wearing the right clothing on site is extremely important. Not only can it prevent you from injuring yourself, it also ensures you are seen. Let’s take a look at why wearing the right clothing is so important.

Be Safe, Be Seen

Fluorescent jackets and trousers are often used on busy construction sites. This reflective workwear ensures you’re visible. When heavy machinery is being operated around you, it’s very important to be seen. High-vis is effective in poor weather conditions and low light, so no matter what conditions you’re working in, you’ll be much more conspicuous.

Fluorescent workwear garments come in various levels of reflective performance. When conditions are good, you may only need a high-vis jacket. However, in darker environments, a full fluorescent outfit may be required.

Wear A Helmet

It’s very rare to come across a construction site where a helmet isn’t required to be worn. Head injuries can be catastrophic, and are easily avoided by wearing a helmet and practicing on-site safety. If there’s a risk of objects falling, you must wear a helmet. If you need to crawl through low spaces, you must wear a helmet. The type of helmet you may require could vary, depending on the work you’re doing.

Construction Worker Inspecting His Ppe

It’s important to make sure that your helmet fits right and is secure. If it’s loose, damaged or interferes with your other PPE workwear, you need to get a new one.

Everyday Workwear

Most construction workers will need a few t-shirts, trousers and shorts in their wardrobes that are specifically for work. Setting aside a few garments specifically for workwear is a good idea, as these are likely to become soiled over time. All sorts of contaminants could stain the materials, and holes could begin to wear through the material. We’d recommend having at least 5 tops and 5 bottoms in your workwear collection, so you can put a fresh piece of clothing on every day.

For Workwear, Choose Powertool Superstore

We stock a range of workwear for builders, from protective garments to branded hoodies and t-shirts. No matter what you need, we’re sure to have something for you.


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