Construction Site PPE Rules You Should Follow

All construction workers should know how to keep themselves safe on site. Your site manager should give you instructions for how to behave and manage hazards at work. However, it’s your responsibility to ensure that your workwear is protecting you and others around you. Let’s take a look at the rules you should follow with your PPE.

Wear Any PPE Your Employer Provides

This particularly applies if you’re employed, but even those who are self-employed should wear any PPE that’s provided to them. If you’ve been given a high-vis jacket, helmet, eyewear or any other piece of protective workwear, you should wear it without exception. In many cases, employers provide this equipment because it meets the legal requirements of the site. If you’re caught not wearing it, you could be sent home.

Ensure Your PPE Fits & Works As It Should

Protective equipment isn’t going to do much protecting if it doesn’t fit you right. Your workwear needs to fit properly, without being uncomfortable. Sometimes, things like helmets and protective eyewear can interfere with each other. If this is the case, you need to seek an alternative. If you need to protect your head and your eyes, you may need to get a helmet with a built-in visor for the best protection.

If your PPE isn’t working right or doesn’t fit comfortably, you shouldn’t carry out any work until this is resolved. Failure to do so could result in injuries that would have been easily avoided. Similarly, if you spot a co-worker on site wearing ineffective equipment, it would be good to take them aside and let them know. They may not have realised their workwear had an issue, and will be very grateful to have an opportunity to protect themselves properly.

Man In Hi Vis

Wear Suitable Workwear For The Job

Not all protective equipment is designed for every job. If you’re welding, you’ll need different eye protection to someone who is working with chemicals. Double-check which hazards you’ll be exposed to on the worksite, and ensure your equipment is appropriate for it.

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